Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Aim some point

I'll be doing a Sci-Fi rpg inspired, like my D&D effort "Here Be Dragons" on a lite rules base with the best of what I consider is on offer from OSR and my at the table experience.

this statement from the design comments in Dragon Warriors, one of my favorite games, which I have played at least as much as AD&D 1st ed [I know aint I weird - Specifically the Elven Crystals]

<snip> it resembles something that I really wish the retro gamers would at least attempt: take classic games and apply to them lessons learned through playing them. I had the vivid impression from DW that the authors either played a lot of early 80s D&D, or thought long and hard about its shortcomings, and set out to systematically address the game's issues while preserving the feel of a fast, easy, and digestible game. 

I'd like to do just that ...lofty goal??? well good to have some thing to strive for.

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