Monday, March 7, 2011

Gaming and real life

One of the most unusual things with role playing gaming is we all do want to play and gather at the table to have adventures but real life makes this quite difficult.
Between work, family, parties, movies, dates, celebrations and simple things like TV and tiredness we really don't get to the game table as much as we would all like.

So due to these pressures new ways of enjoying out hobby have arisen and I'd suggest blogging and and online OSR discussion forums and all the others fill some of our gaming-dragon-chasing.

So if you are at a loss as to how to fill your time with out a paper game try this random table

Roll 1d12;
  1. Read/Play Warlock of Fire top Mountain*  *<<insert other CYOA book here if you WoFTM is in tatters>>
  2. Set up and play Tunnels and Trolls in solo mode
  3. Read a new Module and scheme for a TPK
  4. Contribute to a gaming forum preferably about how you delivered a TPK
  5. Blog about your TPK in Tunnels and Trolls
  6. Fire up a computer game
  7. Paint miniatures
  8. Polish your dice
  9. Write your own OSR game 
  10. Design a new campaign world 
  11. Worship Satan and kill puppies or at least read a game about it...
  12. Roll twice on this table combining the two random results ignoring additional roles of 12  

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