Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Moebius Circuit an interesting Milieu

I was thinking as you do at times about rpg's - specifically FRPG's and SciFi-Rpg's and wondering why SciFi-Rpg's arnt more popular.

My mind started to think on a Dungeon Dimension - A reality made of only dungeon through which the players crawled. Sure this is nothing new people have thought of this before in settings. However I thought this would be a great way to introduce people to sci-fi rpging if they are from a frpg background. Its similar enough to Star-gate and the Matrix that people can get a handle on it. 

So what is it? Like I said its essentially a series of doorways which open on to a number of worlds mostly the doorways are unidirectional or present but require a "key" of some sort. The Moebius circuit itself is a series of tunnels - some have the appearance of natural stone work others are more "Utopian architecture" sterile white luminous plastic look. But the tunnels are not the only things on the circuit, there are the "Demesne"; Nexi,  Loci and Nodes. A Nexus is essentially a "Dome City", a Loci a large town-like structure and a Node a vilage/base or for want of a better word a Dungeon. To give an idea of the possible scale of a Nexus the idea of the Hollow Earth comes from traversing a  

Of cause this begs the question how did it - the Moebius Circuit come into being? This will be one of the central mysteries of the Circuit. Its not magical or only so far as Clark's law makes it so. Its a mega-engineering project. The doors all connect to worlds and either come out in cities, caves or other areas in a more or less natural manor.

Over the Eon's the progenitors have disappeared and other lifeforms have sprung up with the circuit and are taking advantage of the ancient tech left in place and/or have introduced there own. The Circuit is not just one endless corridor either its more like a maze of  passageways some of which are clearly for vehicles.

Now the United States military has come into possession of a set of Moebius Keys and the Explorer program has begun.   

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