Thursday, March 10, 2011

Medieval Time keeping

I want to use this type of time keeping in the Ayurth game 

  • Vigils/Nocturns, begin at midnight and extend half-way to sunrise
  • Matins, begin half-way to sunrise and extend to sunrise (breakfast; in Ayurth traditionally water and oat biscuits or flat bread)
  • Prime (1st) first hour, Sunrise to to midmorning (mornings meal - a little like a lunch)
  • Terce (3rd) midmorning to midday
  • Sext (6th), Midday to mid-afternoon
  • Nones (9th) Mid-afternoon to Sunset
  • Vespers, Sunset, Twilight, Dusk, to mid-evening
  • Compline, Mid-evening to midnight

This assumes equal divisions, which is not actually what happen in the real Medieval day, It depended on the time of the year to determine the length of an hour 

I know it is a bit too Liturgical but then again the Temples to the Lords of Light have a veneer of Catholic-like worship practices.

This also begs the question about who really does make up the Lords of Light, The Night Lords and The Mad gods. The Elder Gods are essentially the Mythos - Yes that Mythos.

So I need at some point to come up with at least the most common of the Gods for each of the Pantheons...

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