Saturday, February 25, 2012

Marvel Aussies

Here they are

Bishop (Lucas Bishop)   is possibly the highest profile Aussie mutant as his Grandfather is Gateway 

A guy called Dreamguard although there is very little on him. Force works found him and helped him out.

Black Archer from Earth-s so not really a pert of the core MU 

Lifeguard is a a fairly high profile Aussie too. Only I assume she is depowered due to the aftermath of "NO MORE MUTANTS" of M-Day. Or dead after the X-Corporation's Mumbai, India branch's destruction.

Slipstream lifeguard brother 

Boomslang Is a villain with a really bad costume

Kangaroo Really...No Really? come on, I suppose we have, koala, Wombat, Ecidna, Platypus,

Cap'n Oz Uniforms quite good really. 

Talisman Yet another dream-time bloke 

Gateway who is now dead but was a pretty cool character 

Red Lotus is an Australian of apparent Chinese descent and pretty cool as he kicked Xmen ass.  

Examiner is someone Red Lotus knows and is not a nice guy

Grizzly He is an associate of Cable

All in all that's very few Heroes for us Downunder I for one would like to see more and less of them based on stereo types too.

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