Thursday, March 1, 2012

Game Goodies

In doing weekly preparation for the Stones of Ayerth game (which we only play every two weeks or as we say here fortnightly) I had the urge to share some of the resources I've been using in the game.

The game started as a Labyrinth Lord game and were it not for the extensive house rules we would have stayed using it. Essentially I think - dare I say it, that although I love the classic game I actually thing  do think there have been significant advances in the "technology" of role-playing design.

We as a group have been heavily influenced by D&D 3.0 which was a great version of D&D in its own right. It still felt mostly like D&D. What I haven't liked is the commercialism of the game. As a result they sell upgrade-books of all types which only serve to dilute the strong core of the game.

Hence the change over to Savage Worlds which plays mostly just like the way we had our D&D game running, only all the rules are now in the one place. I still have pangs of OSR longing. Its quickly redressed when I think of the players. They expressed a strong like for the skills and edges of Savage Worlds. Funnily as the GM these are some of the things (the lack there of ) I thought was a strength of the classic game.

Anyway I'm still using the classic game as my inspiration for the Stones game.  

The game stared out in Saltmash as in the Sinister secret of, although the town council all voted to rename the town Sandypoint in an effort to attract new business, and settlement from the nearest major city, Isilaire. they are a weeks horse ride from the city and there are a number of towns on the way to "Sandypoint" the most notable of which is Seaton.

I've kludged that module together with the original B series modules (sort of like my own take on In Search), the Freeport Anniversary collection, White plume mountain, Castle White Roc and Totems of the Dead and Griffin Island, to mention the most immediate contributors to my sandbox.       

Here are some great map resources by the Mad Irishman  for the main module.

there are some good maps online for Saltmash too. Many are much larger then I see "Sandypoint" but they are good to grab if you need a coastal town.

My fav' is this creation and is the one which most matches my imagination of the locale

 this one is also good. Honestly my own version - in my mind - is like a mash up of these three.

I'm off to create, by hand my version of the maps. If they look ok I'll scan them and add them here for people to swipe and use.

and here are some more for you too as well as an awesome looking lizard man.


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