Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday nite procrastination

The week has passed and although I've done lots of prep on a number of properties I'm not sold on any one direction yet. That's OK I have wonderful table-mates to role play with and they are happy with me test driving some stuff with them.

Last test drive before Christmas was Ashen Stars - I wish I could say it worked out. It didn't. We like more action orientation then the game gives support for. Also I personally thing the rather large skill list is just not required - it actually slows things down and creates a situation where some skills may be "missing" an eventuality the game actively tries to avoid with some of its rules - more elegant to simply have less I think. Also we had general skill levels at the ~8 ranks level [as a result of using the pre-gens in Dead Rock Seven] and in actuality we find out ~11 is the level you really want for a signature skill. I think most would be happy to take it out for another trot but some of their confidence has been rocked.

So looking at my existing short list of games;

  • Eclipse phase- the character generation is really daunting. The generation sheets are more or less required to make it work smoothly. My players don't like PC generation. So I'd use the pregens from the 3rd edition which are apparently quite well done now. Further then that this would be a sandpit game with me building on the themes the players like and a campaign idea I've had for some time about the "invention" of FTL drives and the industrial espionage that inspires.  
  • Shadowrun - We gave this a nudge and doing more of this could be ok too. Mostly we have fun when we play this game. Its got a heck of a lot of "crunch" so its quite the investment in time to get into this game. We have actually started into the Brainscan module and it went only ok. The first mission is not much to write home about and not very inspiring either. I could take the next installment out and run it for the guys tomorrow. 
  • Technoir - I like this but I'm afraid its a little too story-game-ist for my guys. I'd like to use a play-test slot to give this a try. But the rules are a bit unique and I've heard they are a little fiddly to get working. Combine that with a less then traditional rpg resolution mode and its a toss up as to weather it would find any converts at the table.  
  • MGTraveler - Secrets of the Ancients is a really cool campaign and I could truly commit to running it. I believe the group would have fun with it so its a solid option and one I can prepare for the evening as I've already read and prepped it.
  • In Flames - Its transhuman "of the bat" but is really improved with the addition of Uplifts and Chimera. Its in serious consideration for our game from that stand point. I'm not sure if it would have much mind-share at the table my bet is not. This really is my Eclipse Phase lite option and maybe I should just go with the full trans-lit experience and do EP?
  • Aegis Project - This is a very narrative game, yet also very capable in combat. Its lite on setting and has just enough system. Its actually very good.
So I need to hone it down to a fine point for the session tomorrow night. 

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