Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eclipse interest and other stuff

I'm getting closer to putting together an Eclipse Phase game. NPC File 1: Prime is a real help giving a lot of pregen NPC's for use. I'm still not convinced character generation should need to be as laborious as its its and I'm a little meh about he idea of Psi in a hard sci fi game [although the rule of Awesome would suggest PSi is a good thing].

I also found some great player created character sheets for Eclipse phase I cant remember where I got them but I save them locally as they are under an Open License I'll put them up here as some point.

I've also had a bit of a returning interest in L5R so its had some mind share as has Rogue Trader which per the aforementioned Rule of Awesome should play well at the table.

So my times been reading those and still looking at Secrets of the Ancients.

I spent some time reading Mistborn rpg and its right up my ally so I need to review that here soon too.


  1. I'd be interested to hear how it goes. Picked up the PDF, then everything I heard about the book caused me to pick that up as well. The hardcover alone is a work of art. The game itself is equally amazing:

    * the background material is in-depth and cohesive, yet with plenty of room for sandboxing
    * all of the new vistas the various tech opens up are mind-blowing (e.g. less chance of 'final death' = more spectacular action, 'resleeving' = lots of flexible character options, 'space' without the need for a lot of ship combat rules, etc.)
    * Cyberpunk ethos + Transhuman tech
    * Hard Sci-fi

    I agree character development seems more complex than it needs to be, however, the devs have mentioned a "player's handbook" to simplify things and give some other options. Also, there's several spreadsheets that help, but I think a game should never be so complex building a character by hand is impossible. (As my main issue is that the needed material is spread all over later chapters of the book, it's difficult, so I'm planning to scrape everything needed and see if it can be formatted into a useable "mini-handbook".)

    Enjoy and have fun!

  2. I agree. It feels very BRP % system to me so still has the old schoolness I feel I need system wise. However like you I'm agog as the need to "compute" a character using the spreed sheet.

    Certainly my love of the old school approach is definitely derived from the absence of advantage/Disadvantage systems and other guff.

    However I'm keen on Eclipse Phase mostly because I read so much tans-lit sci fi. I'll keep you appraised on how it pans out. Its not a certainty yet - I need to check out 2300Ad and River of Heaven. In the mean time It will be OD&D stuff I think or some playtests of some other material.