Friday, January 6, 2012

Its been far too long since I've blogged. I got out of the habit when I fell ill and havnt really gotten back into it. Its a lonely feeling hobby blogging. I like more feedback then is typically available from a blog. I've decided to forge ahead anyway. To help I'll broaden my themes and include the hobby 'lit, TV and movies I like and even the more then occasional art I find inspiring. I'll go for once a week and make it Thursday night as my Blog time and discuss whats happening with my gaming etc.

In 2011 we didnt do as much gaming as I would have liked. My bout of illness got in the way. Also despite loving OD&D and having a wicked-good time doing fantasy stuff, I'm a sci-ficionado and I want to do Sci-Fi gaming. I'll post more on my efforts in this direction this year too.

Games last year -2011- which rocked my world were a shorter list.
Top billing has to go to Leverage which may just be one of the best games ever developed. Cortex+ as presented in leverage does the heist genre perfectly. It does other games really well too.
Stars Without Number is also a favorite despite not being exactly what I'd do with the OSR and space
Ashen Stars - I wanted to like it but Gumshoe is not a good match for my sci-fi tastes
Project Aegis was also a present surprise  
Additional present surprises were
Legends of the Five Rings 4th ed
Warhammer 3rd ed
and In Flames

I'm going to make a habit of doing gaming viewpoints/reviews through the year too on various products and I'm sure many will find those interesting too.  



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