Friday, January 18, 2013

Well I didnt think it would be this long between posts. Lat year I got a bit of GM burn out and just became a gaming hermit sitting on a mountain top and navel-gazing. My navels never looked so good.

Back now and  looking to case dice in pursuit of adventure. Our core group has changed somewhat so we may not go back to the Stones of Ayrth game. If we do we will go back to using OSR again, I think.

I will say Savage worlds has a lot to recommend it. The magic system, for a start is very good particularity with the optional rules. It would port over to D&D quite easily however. Much of the other game mechanics are also good. However for some reason it doesn't feel... integrated during play and I'm not sure why this is the case.

I've always wanted to get back to a sci fi game - just look at the blog name - so this may well be the time to take the leap.

I'm left with three players now two of who I can depend upon to always show and a third more flexible member. I'd like to add one more so I'll do a bit of a recruiting drive soon to try and get that player.

2300AD has come. Initially I didn't like it. I was hopping it would be more trans-humanist then it is. While it has some TH elements its more a solid - abet gritty - space-punk-opera. Its actually a better game then I gave it credit for initially I'm no my 3rd re-reading now and Id give it a 7.5 out of ten. Its very much the game it was before - even so far as the adventures published so far. The mechanics of goose-Traveller make it better alround during play.     

Orbital by Zozer Games has also come out recently and its such a huge and pleasant surprise although why I'm at all surprised I don't know as Paul's designs and writing have always been top notch. I'm very tempted to play this game with the group.

A straight up old school sci fi in the style of Stars Without Number is of course still on the cards too.

But the play group bar one of the player are still asking for fantasy ... I'm torn as I know this works and works well for us.

So due to the fantasy considerations, I'm exploring other fantasy platforms in case going back to the Stones of Ayrth  proves contraindicated/unrealistic

First of the considerations is reviving our old Shadowrun 4th Ed game. There is of support material here so that is a good however the system is crunchier then I like (have gotten used to) these days.   

I have also revived the idea of revisiting:

The One Ring Middle Earth gaming, or similarly A Game of Thrones game. Qin Warring states, Legends of Wulin even Legends of the Five Rings and I'm also looking at the new Iron Kingdoms, Witch Hunter, Talislanta, Warhammer 3rd ed and Desolation and even the Edge.

I'll keep doing research and reflect that here. over the following weeks.

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