Thursday, January 31, 2013

15 Questions for a Supers game

As I was doing research on what to play I got into thinking about something I did on another game to help tailor the outcomes. In the end I don't know If Iaffected change or I was changed  - so hopefully it was collaboration that occurred. It does highlight another pitfall for GM's. You may think that when you say "Lets do a supers game" you mean Avengers but the players maybe thinking, HEROES, Hellboy and Chronicle and some maybe tinking how can they pervert the game and play a villain or at least a bad ass vigilante.   

I had this problem with our MnM game way back.

What I did was

a) forget what I wanted the players to do and focused on the game world - these types of characters were NOT AT ALL main stream in the setting.

b) recognized that the players thought these characters where TEH-B0MB awesome and kick-ass... so I thought OK we are in a more Indie/Creator owned/MAX/Ultimate type of comic book so far as the game and the setting was concerned.

c) Talked with each of the players and let them know I thought their character was really cool and got into a dialogue with the express purpose of discovering why they thought their character was soon cool and had some sore of "prologue" role playing /white booking where I wanted to understand who they knew in the hero community, who they had mistakenly fought, why and where they stood today, who of the worlds heroes did they look up to? Why? Who of the worlds heroes looks up to them and why?

Sort of this list, in role playing form;

1. What is the deal with policing super heroes? How do the police regard me?

2. How to villains regard me? how do other heroes regard me? What will get me hunted by the worlds top Heroes and thrown in villain-jail

2. Where can we go to get super hero, tech and magical help? How do I <<insert character>> do so?
3. What can I do in regards to law enforcement?

4. Are killing attacks really "killing"? Or do they make lots of blood like <<Wolvie, Deadpool, Warmachine>> but really only put people on "deaths door" and not dead? Do I have to consciously make the call to kill or can it happen by accident? How do I feel about this? How does the police feel about me and this issue? How about the Hero community?  

5. Who are the mightiest Powered Heroes in the world? How do I feel about them? have I met them? What do I think they think about me?

6. Who can out wit or put the beat-down on the worlds greatest heroes? How do I feel about them? have I met them? What do I think they think about me?

7. Who are the richest/most powerful business(es) person(s)/organizations in the land? How do I feel about them? have I met them? What do I think they think about me?

8. Where can we go to get some healing/fixing/sanctuary? Space is just next door. Have you been there? How about nearby dimensions? What mythical/legendary/special locations are there in the setting? How do I feel about them? Do I know about them? have I been to any? Whats my relationship to it/them?

9. Is there a super society my hero belongs to other then the player-team? Is it secretive? open? Exclusive? Reserve status? How are you a member [or no longer a member]?

10. Name three members of your rogues gallery and comic book in which you first met and name the book and issue - did you have a Team-up during this issue? If so with who?

11. Who in your social life is important to you name three? Is you identity public? Secret? What are the implications for this decision? who does it effect?  

13. Which way to the nearest Super headquaters not our own? Who is there? How do we feel about each other?
14. What villains are terrorizing the world sufficiently that if I arrest them I will become famous?

15. Name three places (your secret base _cant_ be one) that are important to you? Why are they important? What would you do if they where threatened? 

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