Thursday, April 7, 2011

E is for Exclusion Zones

Exclusion Zones are a funny little reality in the deep. People know about them. They are marked on charts. Some are even patrolled, governed or otherwise sign posted.  No one is going to stop you entering an Exclusion Zone.

Leaving... that's an entirely different story. With the naturally stealthy nature of the Jaunt drive and the existential danger posed by most Exclusion Zone's many people dont want to take the risk.

However due to the nature of the problem - vast distances, limited resources and stealthily travel options Exclusion Zones are largely left to look after themselves. A kind of modern "Thar Be Dragons" of the space lanes.

Certainly where possible the Zones are policed. However due to the absence of a single governing or enforcing body this coverage is patchy at best. Where these safety precautions are present it is often left to Digital Intelligences and automation to provide alerting and or corrective action.

As Exclusion Zones are often the result of a precursor civilization, unique conditions or post-singularity-divergence, the often attract adventurers freebooters and rogues.     


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