Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D is for "the Deep"

The Deep or the Deep Dark is the common name given to space away from the main hubs of human civilization. Specifically when used by spacers it refers to the space between destinations and in a general sense refers to space outside of a planetary or solar system.

It is a little known fact that the Deep is in fact populated by the constituent parts of the Omega Engine a Precursor artifact. It is unknown what the function of the eco-system of nano-machines termed the Omega Engine actually does or why it is in place. It is known the Omega Engine is responsible for the Encapsulation of Earth during the Interregnum although why the Omega Engine did this is still under dispute - However it is suggested by leading luminaries in the field that this was in reaction to early terrestrial experimentation with nanotechnology and or digitized intelligence.The scientific community have also postulated the Omega Engine is responsible for the preservation of Livingston from cometary impact - redirecting the Livingston cometary path. Furthermore the bizarre structures on Wonderland are also attributed to the Omega Engine as are the various other worlds undergoing Encapsulation. Some in the scientific community believe the Omega Engine is responsible for the Ring-world in the Rosa-Capri System, the Dyson Shell in Beta-Eponus and the Moebius Circuit. Others believe the Omega Engine is a manifestation linked to and a part of the Moebius Circuit and posit that the two are in fact contiguous. This claim is widely discredited as the two mega structures share apparently different or divergent Precursor origins.           

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