Monday, January 3, 2011

More Top-Down game development and a Monster.

I wrote last time that it makes sense to not over do game preparation and planing. Broad strokes and suggestive containers/classes/objects and a few if any "methods" as most are implied by the "language" and the mechanics of those systems in which we game.

I stumbled onto this blog entry and I love it [actually I love a lot of Mutant Lord Carl's stuff and highly recommend you add him to your reads].

One of the techniques I used in most of my more successful games was to use the spiral note pads, the flip over type to do all my work in.

I think I'll go back to that type of approach again in an effort to do just in time gaming.

I've been doing system reseach for my game and thats going well next post will be on system and genre and what I've been thinking up.

As a aside I've been thinking of ZOMBIES. Specifically I've been thinking of a monster type - similar to rot grubs only a centipede or beetle which infects its victim, kills it by eating out the spinal cord (there are lots of Chordates in any fantasy setting so its not like its only humans they can prey on) they then enter a state of chrysalis and form a new symbiotic relationship with the host carcass using the old alimentary canal for the incubation of offspring (Jack-grubs are hermaphroditic and provided they can hook up with others in the adult zombie phase they can produce said offspring)   

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