Tuesday, December 28, 2010

System thoughts

After posting a couple of posts ago about wanting to do a fantasy game I keep trying to get on that vibe. I've picked up Steven Erikson's Gardens of the Moon and also got a few other fantasy novels close to hand. I'm tempted to reread Song of Ice and Fire series as I really like those books but I'll forge ahead with some other fantasy stuff for now.

So reading stuff I've been thinking about systems...

  • High/Heroic Fantasy campaign - B/XD&D, Pendragon, Lord of the Rings Adventure guidebook, Savage Worlds, ASOIAF-RPG,
  • Planetary Romance/ Sword and Sorcery - Savage Worlds, Barbarians of Lemuria, OD&D Hack,
  • Sci-Fi - I was very inspired by Stars Without Numbers, I still have a soft spot for Traveller and Eclipse Phase too is firing up my imagination (still) and hanging in there is Starblazer Adventures and I have the Shadowrun game we have had shots at every now and then.
  •  A late entry into the sweepstakes is Super Heroes - We all nostalgically considered the old days of juvenile super heroing and thought this could be a blast too
    • I'm thinking MSH or Smallville but also looking at Mutant City blues, MnM and Saga-Marvel these last three not too seriously.      

So out of all that Stars without number, B/XD&D and Barbarians of Lemuria have my mind share right now. I'll go into each of these in more depth over the coming week.

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