Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The 2015 games list under consideration for play 

  • Firefly (Cortex system) Space trading, organised crime high jinx, psi, Reavers ... and Keeping the Alliance honest.  
  • Star Wars - sci fi we all know and love - taking down the Empire, making a profit and searching for a way out from under Empire oppression.[UPDATE: We played a few sessions and it went great. We all want to play more but our gaming time is being eaten by the 5e monster and my Hackmaster old school game]
  • Tanshuman exploration - Eclipse Phase the Gate War
  • Cyberpunk/Transhuman FATE - The Translight shadow war - Mega Corps battling in the shadows to build the first translight engine 
  • Traveller - Secrets of the Ancients campaign
  • Traveller 2300 - Kaffer Invasion sandbox using military and survival adventure role playing 
  • The Void rpg
  • Trinity - Play through the sandbox of the published adventures with psion adventurers
  • The Strange - Think time tunnel, meets x-Files/Fringe, via Stargate.
  • Pulp Rocket Age retro exploration and exploring strange new worlds - Forbiden Planet style.
  • Plup Adventure pre and during WWII find the items of power and foil the Zealots of Zeronimus and the Society of Thule
  • Victorian Penny Dreadful - steampunk action and romance against the Archons of Sideria 
  • Mutants and Masterminds/Marvel Heroic - Days of Future Past or The Occult wars
  • Deathwatch - Kill for the Emperor, Die with Glory, Cleanse the stars!!!  
  • RuneQuest 6 - Sword and Sorcery, "Conan" "Throngar" "Gor" "Drus" "Fafard & Mouser" style.
  • The One Ring - Darkening of Mirkwood cycle [UPDATE: Two sessions gave us just a taste. It's a role playing game but not like other games. It's a masterful departure from the assumptions of other systems. It's wonderfully refreshing].
  • D&D - OSR, (Labyrinth Lord or Astonishing Swordsmen rule set) The lost City of Barakus etc.[UPDATE: this has become our HACKMASTER game: I love the system but there is a LOT to it. It's like AD&D if you played with material from dragon magazines- that's how it feels to me. Love it.)
  •  Torchbearer - Dungeon crawling with personal drama, in a dungeon world with some board game parallels 
  • Warhammer fantasy roleplay - Enemy Within et'al classics
  • Shadowrun 5th ed - Shadowrun missions 
  • Witch Hunter 2nded - Stop Satan from creating hell on Earth and preserve the seals and your soul.
  • Hunter the Vigil - Secret History and monster hunting a'la Buffy only serious.(Sort of Hellraiser meets They Live)
  • Conspiracy X -  Classic X-Files and Fringe type action adventure (parallels to Heart of Darkness, Edge of Night and 1984)
  • Anima Beyond Fantasy - Conspiracy occultism and secret history in anime fantasy setting.
  • Legends of Wu Lin - Kung Fu secret societies, fantasy adventures, and Occult mystery 
  • Legend of the five rings - City of Shadow Campaign
  • Tenra Bansho - Asian Fantasy, like 47 Ronin and Ninja scrollsHyper-asian samurai ninja mayhem (it's an actual translated Japanese role playing game from Japan) 
  • Cthulhutech - Playing the games meta-campaign as Taggers (were-devils) or Mecha pilots
  • King Arthur Pendragon - Playing Lords of the realms and changing the very fabric of myth, plotting and fighting mighty battles (think Vikings TV series)
  • Torg - Gonzo multi genre adventure as Stomknights following the Destiny Map (lowish powered superheroes). 
  • Zombie Survival - End of the World engine - The walking dead style with the cure out there and a chance to save the world
  • Werewolf the Apocalypse 20 anv Ed - Save the world from Pentex and its schemes (parallels to Heart of Darkness, Edge of Night and 1984)
  • Doctor Who - Adventures in time and space multi genre goodness waging the time war
  • Mutant City Blues HCU - Solving crimes committed by super human powered perpetrators 
  • Trail of Cthulhu - Eternal Lies or Cthulhu Apocalypse procedural investigation horror
  • DeadLands - Weird Wild West Gunslingers, occult exploration and the law of the gun - Using Second Sons or Stone and a hard place

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