Sunday, September 14, 2014

RPG projects

This is a list of projects I want to knock over, some being quite large. No order is implied. I'll add to it as I think of stuff

Nights Black Agents Deamon/Emergence/Diversity vampyramid
Eclipse Phase - Gate War campaign
Mindjammer sandbox
Stars without number sandbox
Blue Planet 1e - Core Rules + Edge of darkness mash up
Mongoose Publishing - Traveller - Secrets of the Ancients (compilation)
Aramis - The Traveller Adventure (yes for the fourth time)
Aeon Trinity - Darkness Revealed
Star Wars Edge of Empire beyond the rim and D6 adventures mash-up

The Cleansing war of Garik Blackhand + Mutant Epoch for update/hack

The Flood
Lasts Sons

The Elven Crystals + Dragon warriors
Witch Hunter (A Child's Game, et all including adventures from the living campaign)
The Lost City Of Barakus
The Caverns of Thracia
Slain adventure sequence (The Invulnerable King  et al)
Iron Kingdoms Witchfire Trilogy Collected Edition

The One Ring - CB7 - Tales From Wilderland (OEF)
The Great Pendragon Campaign (again as it stalled the first time)
SAGA - Avengers masters of Evil
TSR Marvel MX series ( MX1 Nightmares of Futures Past et al)
L5R City of Lies
King for a Day (use Raedwald too?)
Ghoul Keep and the Ghoul Lands
Monster Island RQ6 adventure
Flashing Blades (Parisian Adventures, et al)
Lone Wolf RPG - Terror of the Darklords

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