Friday, April 12, 2013

On Dwarves, Hope and the One Ring

I have to thanks my guys for humouring me and giving The One Ring a go. I enjoyed it a lot... Having said that it's really very much it's own thing - its very defiantly not D&D or any type of clone. Its one of the more original rpg properties out there. I love that it does Initative differently. I'm sick of the same initative system in effectivly every rpg out there. YMMV.

I mean good lord even the art is wonderful!

The One Ring has got it's own way of doing things. It really captures the feeling of the setting and I had fun with that.... In deed I'd go so far as to say that is why I role play. I want to feel that setting immersion. Even thought the system is unique it gets out of the way and lets you play. Attributes are not that important. Other then Hope which is an uber stat.
More goodness on the way
Game for me is about story and a lot less about mechanics, which is really just the "enabler" to tell the tale. I don't really like getting bogged down in philosophical debates on the system ... I'd rather just go with it ... I'll sort out any system problems via adjudication as opposed to "rules mods"  Also I think a knee jerk reaction to rules when they are new is more then likely just "growing pains" so to speak... 

Hope attribute... yes it's certainly the most important ability in the game but again I'm ok with that. A little bit of research showed Dwaves get a front loaded and highest endurance of any culture and get a cultural benefit that allows them to be less fatigued/encumbered so thought has gone into "balancing" the game system... However having said that it is still very much it's own beast ... It has an amount of randomness in it so you can't count on certain ancillary outcomes. See interesting comments on the same stuff here 
Its a game I could stick with and comit to as I really like it but I got the distinct impresion the players didnt ... so we go back to the drawing board. 
You got me in the heart!
Regarding the ongoing game; I'm likely to switch back to the OSR Scifi game and cary on with the plan of the PC's finding out in game they are playing in Australia after a hard takeoff singularity, and a pole switch event b) discover an FTL drive at a nearby hidden base, c) fight the guys who rule Melbourne to keep your hard won FTL Tech d) get off planet f) discover the earth is quarantined due to the nanophage, g) interact with the transhuman space born society h) share the FTL drive tech and open up space to exploration i) discover the interstellar intelligence a distributed AI of unknowable purpose which fills the interstellar medium and is doing ....something....not quite right. 
We may switch back to Shadowrun where I run you through the latest "Missions" series of packaged adventures
Traveller where I run you through the secret of the ancients packaged campaign
Rogue trader warhammer 40k packaged adventures 
Gumshoe system ( this is the sysem that powered ashen stars) based procedural based investigation role playing.

I'll leave you with a few pics that sum up where I think the regular game will go....

 Just in case its not clear
The funny thing is that if you look at the original rules and heroes and superheroes using the combat systems 5-6 on a d6 being a hit (as it is in SR4) is pretty much the way the Chanimail OSR worked ... go figure.

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