Thursday, February 28, 2013

This is a little bit of a cheat post this week.

First item is that It's official!Margaret Weis Productions has secured the Firefly RPG license .

This is great news made even better by Cam Bank's confirming its a cortex+ action game like Leverage. WHOOOT!!! I couldn't be more jazzed buy this news.

Also the fortnightly game looks like it will be based on Kevin Crawford's fine games Stars Without Number and Other Dust. The sandbox his huge as it goes of world into the solar system and beyond. I wonder just how much will get explored and if I can maintain my focus [boo hiss villain]. Anyhow you can find the information on the game over here which was a neat place to start it once upon a time (it was originally planed as a FATE game but the group don't like FATE) 

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