Monday, February 21, 2011

Ok so lets look at old school scifi and other departures

This is really important to me. I like that we are starting to see Hobbyist come up with the type of retro games I like.

I'm not that much of a fantasy fan and I like rules lite. Gamma World was a big favorite of mine as was Aftermath which was less gozo then Gamma Word. You see the best Gamma World games we had where more like Logan's Run - Humans coming out of the Dome cities and taking back the world above and dealing with the dome city politics. I know that is quite a departure from base Gama World but that is how we played it. Similarly we liked Morrow Project as it was more of the same and our games would often be an amalgam of both concepts. I always felt sad that Cyborg Commando never really got of the ground - I pretty sure I'm the only one but there you have it. Same for Leading Edges Rand stuff.  I didn't like phoenix command in execution.  Loved Jorune too but again it never really gabbed other peoples imaginations. Talislanta loved that sucker too. Lords of Creation. I coerced my gaming buddies into playing these games I loved and some worked and others didn't. 

I don't know why weird fantasy settings and sci-fi setting don't get more love.Is it that they are harder to run or just not as appealing in some way... harder to fit into the weird setting?

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